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Welcome to the Get Sexy 14 Day Diet


Michelle's Method



Want to Lose up to 12 lbs in 14 days

"1000's and 1000's sold"


My women clients are doing it and so can YOU!!
This diet is for women only.

This is not your typical diet where you lose the weight and gain it back.

You will lose the weight and KEEP it OFF!!


If you want to Kick Start your Weight Loss
or if you have hit a Plateau, then this diet is for YOU!!

This diet is a download only.


This is not an extreme diet, it's just clean. You will not starve on this diet. This diet consists of protein, carbs, fruit and vegetables. Most women are eating too many calories and their portions sizes are too big.

Get Sexy 14 Day Diet meals are laid out for you to follow. You must exercise on this diet or you will not get the results (average loss 8 lbs in 2 weeks) you are looking for. Also you must follow this diet exactly.

With the Get Sexy 14 Day Diet you will learn about portion size, how to space out your food so you are not hungry, how to get energy from your food, what foods you should be eating and more.


Keep the weight off
Lose pounds and inches. My unique diet plan makes losing weight easy for you.
Drop dress sizes instantly
Flatten Your Belly Fast!
Boost metabolism
Learn portion control
Lose inches in the double digits
Lose up to 5% body fat
Eat Healthy and feel better right away






Sexy Women get even Sexier

Kathleen Spiess CFRE, UIC School of Public Health
Michelle's diet and fitness camps have changed my life. I loved this diet - it is strict, but includes plenty of food from all food groups (including carbs!) This diet is tough, but after 14 days it has completely changed the way I eat, and has increased my awareness of different types of foods and their effects on my body and well being. I lost 12.2lbs and have kept it off! After the 14 days, I've continued to include many of the diet's core principles into my everyday and it keeps me on track and losing weight. I highly recommend the Get Sexy Diet if you want to jump start your metabolism, lose weight and keep it off!


Joanne Harper, Ohio
I get Michelle's emails and I don't even live in Chicago. I decided to buy her get sexy diet. Of course I was skeptical but open minded. The diet was hard but well worth my time and energy. I lost 7 1/2 pounds and I have kept it off for 8 weeks now. I have now incorporated an exercise routine and it kicked started my weight loss.


Lori Sandbach, Chicago, IL
I started out 2010 with a New Years resolution to lose 70 pounds. When I met Michelle in July I had only lost 17 pounds. When I got to see for myself the incredible results Michelle gets out of the women at her camp, I committed to follow her plan. If Michelle said to do it, I did it! By October, under Michelle's fitness plan I lost 30 more pounds! I felt like I needed to shake things up as Michelle likes to say and boost my weight loss!
I took the plunge and committed to the Get Sexy 14 Day diet! I travel a good bit for my job, but decided to commit to the diet anyway! It took some effort and definitely planning to pull it off, but I am SO glad I did! I lost 9 pounds in 14 days and have kept it off!!! It did exactly what I had hoped, it boosted my system and I have continued to lose and am getting fit! I ended the year with a total weight loss of 60 pounds!!!!
I encourage any WOMAN who is serious about losing weight, getting fit and STAYING fit, Michelle Rossfeld and Chicago's Women Fitness Camp is the place to go and leave a BETTER person!
Thanks Michelle for helping me find the inner (thinner and stronger) me!



Melissa Colgan
When I first heard about Michelle's diet, I was nervous but excited to try it. I knew the results could be awesome as long as I put the effort in. After 2 weeks, not only did I have a bunch of new meals that I now use in my regular eating habits, I was 11.4 lbs lighter! It was hard and there were times it wasn't fun but in the end I learned so much about portion size and saw the weight loss benefits on the scale! Thank you Michelle for putting together such a helpful and healthy 2 week plan!


Juliet Freeman, Texas

I saw Michelle's posting on Facebook and I was intrigued. My eating habits aren't the best, but I needed to lose some weight. 2 weeks went by in no time and I lost 9 pounds and 14 inches on my body and have kept it off for 3 months. Michelle I love your diet and I recommend it to all my friends. Thank you.



Kristen Baehl
Michelle's two week diet was a success with long lasting results! I lost 4 pounds and 4% body fat! It taught me portion control and by the end of the two weeks I became accustomed to eating smaller meals throughout the day.


Susan Finkler, San Diego, age 26

This Diet is the great. I love it. Lost 2 dress sizes and my feet lost weight too. Now I have to buy new shoes. But who cares! Michelle has pumped me to start eating better and exercise almost daily.


Liliana Huerta, age 28
I tried Michelle’s 14-day meal plan and it was a complete success! I lost 7lbs in 14 days and did not at all feel like I was on a diet. I got to eat 5 meals a day consisting of lots of chicken, fish, and vegetables and I still had enough energy to make it through her fitness camp workouts. 5 months later, I have kept the weight off and have managed to lose an additional 23lbs. Her meal plan helped to kick start my weight loss and motivated me to continue living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Her meal plan taught me about portion control and also made me realize that a diet is only a temporary fix, but changing your eating habits and lifestyle is forever.


Nikki S. Age 22 - Chicago/New York - model/ dancer
I met Michelle through one her clients and she talked to me about her diet. I didn't believe her and the results she was talking about. To good to be true, Right? A year went by and I am still not losing weight at this time I am weighing 125 lbs and I need to lose at least 5 lbs. I needed a jump start. I called Michelle and she sent me her diet. It was hard but well worth the money and time. I lost 6 lbs, my stomach was the the most the noticeable I have like 4 inches and you can see my stomach muscle now, I'm ripped.

I love my body and that's I needed and I only have one person thank, Michelle Rossfeld the best personal trainer Chicago. Oh yeah I just started training with Michelle in May. If she can do this with just her diet, can you image what she can do with exercise.


Michelle Taylon
Michelle's diet is very challenging, but very healthy. It is not about starvation and it is not similar to any fad diet that is out there. Instead, it is about learning about healthy eating and portion size. Five meals a day is challenging, but gets your metabolism running like crazy. You realize what its like for two weeks to eat nothing but healthy foods that your body can use for energy and to build muscle. If you can make it through the two weeks of the diet, you will feel healthier than ever and see amazing results--i lost 7 lbs in my first week! I also lost 4% body fat in 2 weeks, which is unheard off.


Jeanee Haywood, 32 NY

I love FB. Even though I get a lot of spam, some of it is worth the read. That's how I came across the Get Sexy 14 day diet. I lost 5 lbs of fat. Doesn't seem like much but I weigh 110 now and wanted to see my definition in my body (I knew there was muscle there somewhere). I look good and feel even better. 5 lbs doesn't seem like a lot, but for someone already small, it is a lot!The diet taught me to eat healthier and understand portion size.


Dorota Dabrowski
8 pounds in 2 weeks, eating 5 meals a day. It IS that easy. This diet gives you CHOICES. Every day you eat something new, you are never hungry and you see results after the first week. It is hard to believe that just eating the right foods, in the correct portions will yield such fantastic results.
All the meals are easy to make. No complicated ingredients. All it takes is 5 minutes of planning your meals for the week and then you are ready to go. At no point did I feel starving or that I was craving any foods. By the time I felt somewhat hungry, it was time for my next meal.
Michelle made this diet a no-brainer. As long as you have the desire to lose weight (and keep it off) in a healthy way, this diet is the way to go.


Toni Bielech, Age 55
Working with Michelle at CWFC, I consistently lost 7 lbs per month for several months. My cravings for sweets and carbs were always a constant battle. When I made up my mind to do her diet, it was with the thought that I can do anything for 2 weeks, but surprisingly, it was not painful! With a little preparation and discipline, I was never hungry, as I ate every few hours, and I had much more energy. Michelle's daily support kept me motivated and on track. I lost 11 pounds, any finally ended my cravings for carbs and sugar, feeling clean and light. The weight loss was significant - my body was a size smaller, and it was sustainable - I didn't end the diet feeling deprived and ready for a binge, but just resumed normal healthy eating without thinking about chocolate every 10 minutes. I didn't gain it back!
Thanks Michelle, you are the best!


Aisha Williamson
I have never stuck to a diet in my life. I love food way too much to be dieting. But as I get older (29) I have noticed that I cannot eat what I want. I started gaining weight in 2009 and I haven't been able to lose any of it. "It 's only a 2 week diet" I said myself "I can do this" and I did!!! I lost 10 lbs and a whole lotta inches. This diet kick started me into eating healthier and exercising.


Lydia Fish
I workout a great deal and I eat healthy on a regular basis with a cheat meal once a week, but I was struggling to lose a few pounds that I needed to reach my goal weight. And while I wasn't gaining any weight, I merely stayed the same to what one might call it “maintaining.” So I knew I needed something to jump-kick some of my anticipated weight loss into high gear. I started Michelle’s 14-day diet on a Monday and by Tuesday; I was ready to give it up! This diet truly isn't’t for the weak or semi-active individual; you really need to have been exercising vigorously for at least a few months in order to gain enough energy and strength to withstand such a diet. I thought to myself, well in order for this 14-day diet to work for me, I had to immediately get into the mind set of wanting to lose weight rather than focusing on what I had to give up. And this is exactly what I did. I gave up my two glasses of wine per week along with my sweets that would occasionally get me in trouble.
What also helped me was that I tried not to look at it as “OMG it’s 14 whole days”… but rather, I decided to take it one day at a time. With this approach, it was major success. After losing the few pounds that I needed to lose in the first week, it became encouraging enough for me to stick it out the rest of the way. And with that said, I did it all because I was determined to lose the weight. In 2 weeks I lost 6 lbs.


Kathie R.
I tried Michelle's diet. I couldn't do it the first time, I wasn't ready. 1 month later I tried it again. It was so easy, I just siked myself out. I lost 7lbs and a whole bunch of inches and 2% in my body fat. I love the diet it has helped me realize that I was over eating on weekends and not eating enough on the week days. Thank you Michelle for your support and looking out for all your girls.


Pat Corum
I was on Michelle’s’ two week diet this past spring and found it to be one of the easiest diets I have ever tried. I lost a total of 8 lbs in the two weeks. I am very busy so it is hard to find time to plan and/or prepare meals. In other words “The simpler the better for me”! Because she is very specific about what you eat and the amount you eat each day - that makes it simple. We all know that the hardest part of any diet is sticking to it, so that aside, shopping was probably the next most difficult part for me. But once you have the groceries you need, you just have a few meals to prepare and then you just follow what is on the menu each day. And since it is about convenience, the other thing I liked is that she includes protein bars or shakes that can be substituted for daily meals. Even though I did not find the diet difficult to follow I have to say that without the encouragement Michelle incorporates with the diet (you have to check in with her every day, either at class or by text messaging) that really keeps you motivated to stick to it.


Carmen Garcia
Michelle's diet was hard, but it was well worth it. I lost 9 pounds, and 14 inches all over my body. I love the way I look now! Mexican women are supposed to have curves and with this diet i don't look like i'm a blob now. I feel great and I look even better.



Which one should I choose?

The Get Sexy Diet has two key components: exercise and diet. To receive results of 8 lbs or higher in 2 weeks you must exercise.

This diet in not for vegetarians


Get Sexy 14 day Diet: If you have a exercise routine or currently exercising (strength training and cardio).

Get Sexy 14 day Diet and Michelle's Method: If you don't have exercise routine and are not currently exercising:




Sample Day of the 14 Day Diet:

Meal 1: (Choose One)
• ½ Protein bar (think thin, south beach, Atkins advantage)
• protein shake (Protein shake (We like Designer Whey or RTD muscle milk light) (water not milk) with berries
• 1 small piece of fruit or ¾ cup of berries (variety)

Meal 2:
• ½ cup of berries (strawberries, blue berries or raspberries) and 12 cashews/almond or ¼ cup of pistachio’s

Meal 3:
• ½ turkey Reuben on multi-grain bread
(turkey, sauerkraut and mustard and no

Meal 4:
• 3-4 oz salmon (or fish of any kind), and ¼ cup asparagus

Meal 5:
• 3-4 oz chicken wrap (whole wheat or multi-grain)
and your favorite vegetables




Are you ready to lose weight?

Kick Start your Weight Loss
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Get Sexy 14 Day Diet




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